I’m a PhD Student at the interface of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. I want to understand how the brain works (at least a little bit) and to translate this understanding into formalized processes. This aim requires not only the study of the brain and other complex dynamical systems, but also studying the methods we use to gain insights about them: Data processing, statistics, and machine learning.

I hope that with this blog, I can share some of my thoughts and code snippets with other people and in some way or another support them on their own journey of understanding the brain.

I also love programming, especially in Python. Most of my code is provided in the form of IPython notebooks which can be run directly in Google Colab. I chose this way because I think that it gives people very direct access to playing around with Python code, without the need to install anything on their own computer.

The source code for this web page is hosted here: github.com/DiGyt/digyt.github.io.

Feel free to use it for your own blog if you want to.